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Jahn Tiger

Microlab Releases New SMART Passives System for Real-Time Public Safety DAS Monitoring

Microlab today introduces the SMART Passives System, an innovative, patent pending solution for monitoring transmission lines, components, and antennas for in-building Emergency Services Communications Systems. These capabilities are enabled by Microlab’s new System Monitor, Alarm, Report Technology (SMART), first being deployed in the SMART Coupler. The SMART Coupler consists of a specially designed broadband, passive, directional coupler for 130 – 960 MHz combined with active, diagnostic tools for system monitoring with failure detection and isolation capabilities. The real-time monitoring capabilities that the SMART Coupler provides will ensure that Public Safety DAS owners can depend on the operation of their critical communication systems.

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Microlab Demonstrates New Smart Coupler Technology for Real-Time Public Safety Wireless System Monitoring

Microlab today demonstrated the world’s first radio frequency (RF) coupler with embedded signal monitoring intelligence. The patent-pending smart coupler capitalizes on Internet of Things (IoT) technology for remote sensing and reporting. Designed for in-building public safety wireless networks, the smart coupler will be revolutionary in terms of monitoring a passive communications network of RF coaxial cables, components, and antennas. The technology will enable public safety authorities, building owners, and system’s integrators the ability to continuously supervise in real-time their emergency first responder, in-building network’s performance.

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Microlab Announces New Products for Public Safety Network Reliability, Capacity, and Coverage

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, today launched a new portfolio of products dedicated to critical communications and in-building public safety wireless networks. The new portfolio will directly address the growing market needs and requirements for high-quality, reliable, in-building wireless connectivity for public safety networks used by emergency services personnel. The new portfolio of RF components are specifically designed and optimized for critical communications in the 80 MHz to 960 MHz frequency range, covering all public safety bands, and consists of splitters, couplers and duplexers, amongst other new product initiatives. 

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New Super-Wide Hybrid Coupler

Announcing the addition of new Super Wide Hybrid Combiner offering coverage from 350 to 6000 MHz. This broad coverage has been achieved using stripline design techniques that ensure minimum loss and guaranteed low Passive InterModulation, PIM, up to 200W. Read More...

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New Low PIM Attenuators

New Low PIM Attenuators Input Powers from 30 to 45W 698 to 2700 MHz. Announcing the addition of a new range of medium power attenuators with guaranteed low PIM of less than -150 dBm when measured with two 20W test tones.

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