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New low PIM attenuators input powers from 100 to 150W, 698 to 2700 MHz and low VSWR

Microlab announces the addition of a range of high power 698 – 2700 MHz Attenuators with guaranteed low PIM. These attenuators are products are available in attenuation values from 4.8 to 30 dB to meet the exacting needs of the wireless market across the whole 700 to 2700 MHz band. of less than -150 dBm when measured with two 20W test tones.

The AZ series (100W) and the lower power AY series (30W) are both available with either N or 7-16 mm DIN connectors. Units have been designed using mechanically stable connections and achieve a typical input VSWR better than 1.20:1 across the whole frequency band.

These attenuators are available for immediate evaluation from Microlab and selected distributors.