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New Low PIM Hybrid Combiner

Microlab announces Model CT-84N, Low PIM Hybrid Combiner, a hermetic assembly of hybrid coupler and cable load. Such a combination, truly yields low PIM when combining two high power cellular signals.

The extremely low PIM demands of today’s cellular systems, requires that every component used be rated for low Passive InterModulation. This can be difficult when it is required to dissipate some of the power in a termination, as conventional resistive loads have notoriously high PIM. This may not be a significant factor in the system until the number of carriers present is increased. It is then that the Low PIM Hybrid Combiner becomes essential to maintain the system PIM performance. The CT-84N can combine two signal paths and dissipate up to 80W per input with PIM below -150 dBc. Insertion loss is a low <0.2 dB, isolation is typically >25 dB and units are fully compliant to RoHS.

This product is available for immediate evaluation from Microlab and selected distributors.

For further information contact: Tony Ramsden (973) 386-9696 x3111