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Microlab/FXR introduces 8 Input TETRA, Cellular, UMTS & LTE Wireless Band Combining Unit For In Building Distribution Systems

Announcing an important extra wideband LTE and Tetra Ready Combining System KM-80N, which incorporates four inputs for signals between 380 and 960 MHz and four inputs between 1710 and 2700 MHz each of which is fed to a broadband 4 x 4 hybrid coupler.  All hybrid outputs are combined in diplexers to four separate, but essentially identical outputs to feed different sectors in the in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This hybrid-diplexer system provides high input isolation and keeps signal loss to an absolute minimum, with low passive intermodulation, (PIM)

Similar Combiners are also available in many different configurations to match each customer’s specific application. All are available with reasonably short delivery from Microlab/FXR and selected distributors.  For complete details call 'Sales' at Microlab/FXR on (973) 386-9696 or check the Internet at