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Introducing Microlab Jumper-Cables

Reliable Low Loss, Low PIM jumper cables - DC to 3 GHz.

Microlab has extended its line of JP / JR / JS series jumper cables. With an operating range of DC to 3 GHz, these cables are ideal for all telecommunication applications in the frequency bands between 380 and 2,700 MHz. While attractively priced, all cables are "Microlab Certified™", a quality guaranty well recognized in the Telecommunication market.

"Whether macro cells or in Building DAS venues, the wrong RF cable can have a devastating influence on network reliability and Quality of Service. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is often thought "negligible" at in-building DAS venues. Unfortunately this is not the case", says Wolfgang Damm, Product Marketing Director of WTG. "The front end of a DAS Carrier Combiner™ interface is principally susceptible to PIM interference. High power levels are attenuated and combined at this stage. If PIM levels are not minimized right there, systems’ overall performance is reduced significantly. Our new J-cables are especially designed with these requirements in mind. They are 100% tested to guarantee best system performance".

Microlab’s Jumper cables are available with N and DIN 7/16 connectors, both as straight and rectangular types. Available connector combinations are: JP straight (m) / straight (m), JR straight (m) / rectangular (m), JS rectangular (m) / rectangular (m).

The ruggedized cables have tri-metal plated connectors made to MIL-C-39012 specifications.  These cables have been developed to provide both, low loss and low PIM characteristics. PIM performance is typically better than -150dBc (@ 2x43 dBm), with -145 dBc guaranteed @ 1800 MHz. Microlab’s Jumper Cables are available for immediate delivery from the factory and selected distributors.  Cable length of 0.5m (20") and 1m (39") are available from stock, other cables lengths are available on request in 10 cm (4") increments. Contact your closest sales office for more information.