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Nine Wireless Band Combining Unit

Announcing the KM-75 series, an important addition to their already wide range of Signal Combiners. The new Combining System series, covers from 350 to 6,000 MHz in nine separate bands to include Tetra/LMR, LTE-700, iDen 800/900, cellular-850-950, PCS, AWS, WiFi 2400, WiMAX-2500 and WiFi 5800 bands, all in a single unit, and with minimum loss. The unit shown, also splits the signal into 2 separate outputs to feed different areas of the in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS). 

Such Signal Combiners primarily use low loss broad band diplexers, which provide minimal loss and adequate isolation between inputs. Since some signal bands overlap, hybrid combiners are used in such a way that the signal power is preserved with very small dissipated loss, so long as all the outputs can be used effectively. The diplexers and other components are all selected for wide frequency range, low loss and low Passive Intermodulation, essential for use with multiband antennas and leaky cable where PIM issues can become critical. 

The KM-75 series are available in many different configurations to suit the each customer’s specific application. All are available for reasonably short delivery from Microlab/FXR and selected distributors.  For complete details call 'Sales' at Microlab/FXR on (973) 386-9696 or check the Internet at 

For further information contact: Tony Ramsden (973) 386-9696 x3111