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New Low Cost Splitter series with guaranteed PIM, from Microlab covers 700 – 2,700 MHz for all Cellular, WiFi and WiMax Bands

Announcing the Model Dx-19FN series, very low cost 2, 3 and 4 way wideband reactive Power Splitters. The new series have been designed to a bandwidth of 700 - 2,700 MHz, to include the common cellular, Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies, now being incorporated in Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems and elsewhere. An added benefit of this series is the guaranteed PIM performance of <-150 dBc when tested with two 20W test signals.

The extremely high reliability required of DAS systems is most easily met with a passive network approach. The extremely low loss of reactive components such as the D2-19FN and D4-19FN pictured above, help make the passive design realizable without recourse to amplifiers or other active components. Such a passive approach enhances reliability, cuts installation cost and has a very high communications survival potential in an emergency situation. Insertion loss is a low <0.2 dB, and units are compliant to RoHS.

This product is available for immediate evaluation from Microlab and selected distributors. For pricing and complete details call 'Sales' at Microlab on (973) 386-9696 or check the Internet at