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Microlab SMART Passives System Wins 2020 Connected Real Estate Tech Award for Best In-Building Public Safety Solution

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA – May 27, 2021 – Wireless Telecom Group (NYSE American: WTT), announced its Microlab brand has received the 2020 Connected Real Estate Tech Award for Best In-Building Public Safety Solution. The Award specifically recognizes the Microlab SMART Passives System’s unique ability to provide real-time performance monitoring of critical Distributed Antenna System (DAS) infrastructure, supporting reliable and efficient operation of dedicated wireless networks for mission-critical communications.

The Connected Real Estate Tech Awards acknowledge industry-leading companies at the forefront of in-building technology, focused on addressing complex challenges with new, forward-thinking solutions. Facing poorly performing wireless systems for public safety radio traffic, the In-Building Public Safety category highlights solutions excellence in delivering effective radio coverage for first responders.

“We are honored to receive the 2020 Connected Real Estate Tech Award for Best In-Building Public Safety Solution, an award celebrating our achievements in designing and building an innovative solution that addresses reliability and coverage issues for public safety wireless networks,” says Tom McCabe, Product Manager at Microlab. “Public safety radio systems are relied upon during emergency events, with yearly proof-of-performance tests and the lack of consistent radio traffic heightening the risk of undetected DAS failures and performance degradation. The SMART Passives System ensures a public safety DAS is fully operational whenever needed.”

The SMART Passives System is comprised of a headend SMART Gateway and a network of SMART Couplers deployed throughout a building’s DAS. Both units utilize an Internet of Things (IoT) engine for RF diagnostics, control, and processing. The SMART Gateway generates a calibrated CW tone used by each SMART Coupler to report the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) at each port, a metric stored and compared over time. In the event of an anomalous VSWR reading, the SMART Gateway communicates an alarm via e-mail, SMS, or SNMP, which contains the failure’s location within the building. A full suite of DAS diagnostics and alarms is available through the SMART Gateway’s multi-layered graphical user interface (GUI). SMART Couplers serve as direct replacements for required tappers and couplers used in a passive DAS design, and do not require additional hardware, DC power connections, or Ethernet connectivity. The award-winning SMART Passives System ensures system integrators, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), building owners, and first responders consistently have high-integrity and dependable life-safety communications systems.