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Microlab Launches New Modular Point-of-Interface RF Conditioning Solution (POI) which Provides Flexibility and Future Proofing for Small Cell and D-RAN Deployments

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, today introduced the MCC™ Series Modular Carrier Conditioner, a modular point of interface solution for small cell and D-RAN deployments. Designed to fit any operator or neutral host provider, the MCC series offers a modular solution that can accommodate any wireless communication band up to 6 GHz. This innovative, one-size fits all system is a future-proof solution enabling easy upgrades and reconfigurations as capacity and bandwidth requirements evolve over time.

“We recognized that site deployments can be time consuming, and system upgrades can be challenging and costly,” said Luke Getto, Director of Product Management. “New spectrum is being deployed on a regular basis as countries around the world prepare for ultra-dense 5G networks. These bands can vary greatly between carriers and between locations. Adding new bands or carriers to existing sites can require replacing initially installed equipment with brand new parts, which is time consuming and wasteful. We developed the MCC for an easier upgrade path and an improved ROI for our customers”

An MCC Series solution consists of multiple slide-in cards for multi-port filters and hybrid couplers which gives flexibility to the owners and installers as carrier additions or new bands are required. The filters support common LTE wireless bands. MCC Series hybrid couplers are available in standard bandwidths from 600 to 2700 MHz. Extended bandwidth cards are also available to cover up to 3800 MHz for CBRS and Band 43, and ultra-wide bandwidth products cover up to 6 GHz for LTE-LAA. Each slide-in card is capable of handling up to 40W per input and is passively cooled. Since deployment requirements and environmental conditions can vary, the MCC series offers both indoor and outdoor versions.

Microlab product specialists will be attending the Mobile World Congress Americas event September 12th - 14th and will be available to speak in further detail about the new product offerings.

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