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New 50W Portable PIM Loads 698 – 2700 MHz

Microlab announces the addition of a new Portable Low Passive Intermodulation, (PIM), 50W Terminations to our line of Low PIM products. These terminations have typical PIM performance of <-165 dBc, and are guaranteed <-160 dBc, when measured using two 20W test tones, to meet the demanding needs of the wireless market where PIM performance is so critical to optimizing cellular system operation

The TK-25FMD is provided with both male and female 7-16 connectors, and a belt loop/handle for convenient operation in harsh environments, such as up a cell tower. The typical VSWR better than 1.10:1 across the 698 – 2700 MHz frequency band, with a guarantee of better than 1.15:1 .

These terminations are available for immediate evaluation from Microlab/FXR and selected distributors. For complete details call 'Sales' at Microlab/FXR on (973) 386-9696 or check the Internet at