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Diplexer 617-2690/3300-5925 MH z
200/100W -161dBc 4.3-10 IP67



  • Upgrade existing Small Cells & D-RAN sites for 5G with C-band and NR-U
  • 50 dB Input Isolation
  • 200/100 W per port
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • 4.3-10 Connectors
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS compliant

Product Description

Microlab BK-263E is a diplexer that enables the injection or splitting of the RF signals in 617-2690 MHz and 3300-5925 MHz. It allows efficient combining or splitting cellular bands for C-band and NR-U 5G carrier aggregation in small cells or distributed RANs. The inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands to minimize band inter-reaction. Attention to mechanical design ensures it guarantees prolonged low passive intermodulation. Dual & Quad mounted configuration for 2x2 & 4x4 MIMO applications is available as BK-263EW and BK-263EQ.


Download Datasheet
Frequency: Port1: 619-2690 MHz
  Port2: 3300 - 5925 MHz
Power: Port1: 200 W avg.
  Port2: 100 W avg.
Return Loss: 18 dB min., All Ports
Isolation: 50 dB min.
PIM: -161 dBc (-118 dBm) min.
  (Test with 2 x +43 dBm tones)
Connectors: 4.3-10 (f)
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 2.17 lbs (1.0 kg)