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Duplexer WCS Tx 2350-2360 Rx 2 305-2315
80W/40W Type N


Product Description

Microlab Cavity Duplexer Model BL-44N allows combination and separation of the Tx and Rx signals in a duplex WCS band signals. Units provide high isolation, and low insertion loss. Attention to mechanical design, ensures low loss, and high reliability. Other models available for different bands and powers.


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RX Passband: 2305-2315 MHz (Rx Port)
TX Passband: 2350-2360 MHz (Tx Port)
Power: 80W
Return Loss: 20 dB min.
Isolation: >65dB (between Tx/Rx bands)
PIM: <-161 dBc (measured in Rx Block
using two +43 dBm tones in
corresponding Tx Block)
Connectors: N-type (f)
Ingress Protection: IP64