Modular POI – MCC Series™

Microlab Modular POI - MCC Series

Modular POI – MCC Series

Microlab’s MCC Series POI is a Passive Modular Carrier Combiner for Neutral Host Small Cell and D-RAN Architectures. It helps combine RAN remote heads for RF distribution. It has been designed to provide up to 4 Operators SISO configurations for 2 sectors OR up to 4 Operator MIMO for 1 sector. The MCC allows many configurations to support multi-carrier and multi-band Neutral Host MIMO or SISO applications. The design has been optimized for low-loss in a modular enclosure that is compatible with standard 19” Racks. It is passively cooled, so no external power or fans are required.

modular DRAN combiner
MCC Series Modular POI Catalog
MCC Series Application Note
MCC Design Pack – iBwave

Modular Filter Cards

Product No. Description
MCC200-503 Pentaplexer 600-700/850/PCS/AWS/5GNR n77, 4.3-10 IP67 Datasheet
MCC200-502 Pentaplexer 600-850/PCS/AWS/WCS-BRS/5GNR n77, 4.3-10 IP67 Datasheet

Modular Hybrid Combiners

Product No. Description
CM-141E Hybrid Combiner 4×4 617-5925MHz 100W -161dBc 4.3-10 IP67 Datasheet
CM-141E-2R Dual Hybrid Combiner Tray 4X4 617-5925MHz 100W -161dBc 4.3-10 Datasheet
CM-141E-4R Quad Hybrid Combiner Tray 4X4 617-5925MHz 100W -161dBc 4.3-10 Datasheet

Rack and Peripherals

Product No. Description
MCC200-SRC-00 Modular Wall Mount 4-Slot Sub-Rack Only Datasheet
MCC200-SRC-01 Modular Wall Mount 4-Slots Sub-Rack with 1x Integrated Hybrid Combiner Datasheet
MCC200-SRC-02 Modular Wall Mount 4-Slots Sub-Rack with 2x Integrated Hybrid Combiner Datasheet
MCC200 Modular Filter Card Sub-Rack 8-slots 6RU Datasheet
MCC200-100 “Through” Card for Single Radio Input, 4.3-10 – Optional
MCC200-A03 Modular Faceplate for MCC200 Filter Card Slot
MCC200-500-BKT Modular Filter Mounting Kit
Modular POI - MCC Series Wall and Side Mount Enclosures