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20dB Low PIM Coupler 617-3800MHz
200W 7-16



  • Ultra wide-band, taper design
  • Models for Outdoor Environment
  • 6, 10, 15, 20 & 30 dB Values
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • Low Specified PIM
  • 200 Watt Average Main Line Power
  • 7-16, 4.3-10 or N Connectors
  • Includes Mounting Bracket (Not shown)

Product Description

The CK-10 series of Directional Couplers is a tapered stripline design covering from 617 to 3,800 MHz. Units couple off a defined fraction of signal with minimal reflections or loss. Each model is available as a 4 port coupler.

The extremely wide frequency range allows use with multiband antennas, leaky cable systems and wireless base stations. With minimal solder joints and a low loss dielectric, the dissipative loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced. Mounting brackets are included.

Four port directional couplers are available with LC, LD, LE or LN suffix, (e.g. CK-16LN). For outdoor environments add suffix ‘P’ to Model No. (e.g. CK-16NP).


Download Datasheet
Frequency: 617-3800 MHz
Coupling: 20 dB
Coupled Loss: 0.04 dB
Power: 200 W avg., 1.5 kW pk*
Directivity: 20 dB min., 694-2500 MHz
  18 dB min., 2500-3300 MHz
  16 dB min., 3300-3600 MHz
  14 dB min., 3600-3800 MHz
VSWR: 1.20:1 max., 694-2500 MHz
  1.25:1 max., 2500-3300 MHz
  1.40:1 max., 3300-3600 MHz
  1.45:1 max., 3600-3800 MHz
PIM: -161 dBc (2 tones at +43 dBm)
Connectors: Triplate
Ingress Protection: IP64
Weight: 26 oz, 0.75 kg, nominal