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Hybrid Coupler 2x2 617-2700MHz 80W
-161dBc 7-16 IP68



  • Broad Frequency Band
  • 30dB port to port Isolation
  • 80 W CW Power per Input
  • High Isolation
  • Low VSWR and loss
  • Passes 30 day Salt Fog Test
  • Moisture sealed to IP68
  • Convenient Connector spacing

Product Description

Microlab Hybrid Couplers have industry leading 30dB port to port isolation. They are most commonly used to combine two wireless carriers in the band to a single antenna feed or distribution cable. This requires the termination of one output port in 50Ω and results in a 3 dB loss in each signal. In situations where two similar feeds are required, as required for an in-building application, both outputs may be used eliminating the need for a termination and the 3 dB loss.

The CA-84K Series is designed for harsh ourtdoor applications in corrosive salt fog environments.


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Frequency: 617 - 2700 MHz
Coupling: 3 dB nominal
Power: 80W
VSWR: 1.20:1
Isolation: >30
PIM: -161 dBc (2 tones at +43 dBm)
Connectors: 7-16
Ingress Protection: IP68