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Hybrid Coupler 2x2 694-2700MHz 250W
-161dBc N-type IP67



  • Guaranteed PIM performance
  • Models for Outdoor Environment
  • 250W/Input Continuous Avg. Power
  • High Isolation, Low VSWR and loss
  • Multi Band Range for Cellular, PCS UMTS and LTE
  • High Reliability, Moisture sealed
  • Convenient connector spacing and easy mounting to pole or wall

Product Description

This Hybrid Coupler has been designed to meet the special needs of the higher power needs of the wireless market. The most common use is to combine two wireless carriers in the band to a single antenna feed or distribution cable. This requires the termination of one output port in 50W and results in a 3 dB loss in each signal. Note that the termination used must have a return loss of at least 25 dB and PIM below -161 dBc for the isolation and PIM performance to be maintained. A high power low PIM cable load appropriate to the power dissipation, is recommended to maintain this performance. See Microlab model series TK-27.


Download Datasheet
Frequency: 698 - 2700 MHz
Coupling: 3 dB nominal
Power: 250W
VSWR: <1.20:1
Isolation: 23/25
PIM: -160 dBc typ, <-153 dBc guarantee (2 tone test at +43dBm)
Connectors: N-Type (f)
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 1.5 lbs (675g)