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Hybrid Combiner 4x4 380-960MHz 100W
-140dBc N-type Indoor



  • Low PIM Hybrid Combiner, 4 x 4
  • High Isolation, Low VSWR and Loss
  • Dual Band Range for combining Tetra/SMR/Cellular/GSM
  • 100 W/Input Average Power Rating
  • High Reliability, Moisture sealed
  • RoHS compliant
  • Convenient connector spacing

Product Description

This 4 x 4 Hybrid Coupler covers the 380 - 960 MHz range of frequencies with high isolation and low passive intermodulation (PIM) in either N or 7-16 mm connectors. A similar 2 x 2 model is available as a CA-99N.
These networks provides simple combining of 2 or 4 independent signals in the specified wireless band to a common feeder cable, as might be required in a radio base station or in a neutral host in-building distributed antenna system. The unused hybrid ports must be terminated at the appropriate power rating. Note that these models use hybrid designs that are not true 90° Quadrature Hybrids.


Download Datasheet
  Band P1: 380 - 900 MHz
  Band P2: 900 - 960 MHz
Coupling: 6.2 ± 1.0 dB
Power: 100W
VSWR: <1.20:1
  Band P1: >23 dB
  Band P2: >20 dB
PIM: <-140 dBc, (with +43 dBm x2)
Connectors: N-type (f)
Ingress Protection: IP64
Weight: 5.0 lbs (2.3Kg)