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Integrated Solutions

DCC Signal Conditioner Tray

Fiber DAS systems operate with certain input signal strength, usually 0dBm. Small, Macro, Micro or Pico cells deliver much higher levels. To ensure that the fiber converter input is not distorted or even damaged, incoming Tx signals have to be attenuated. Furthermore, if the DAS deployment has to handle multiple carriers, our DAS Carrier Conditioners combine incoming frequency bands and equalize different power levels.

DCC Combiner Tray / POI (Point of Interface)

Microlab offers also a wide variety of combining-only DCC solutions for In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems. Available bands range from 136 MHz to 6GHz, including public service channels and Tetra usually in the range from 380 to 520 MHz, cellular services extending from LTE 700 to WiMAX/LTE-2600.