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Diplexer 700/850 100W -153dBc 4.3-10



  • Integrates 700/850 MHz Bands
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • 50 dB minimum Input Isolation
  • 100 W/port Avg. Power
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss & Ripple
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • Indoor and Outdoor IP67 Models
  • RoHS compliant

Product Description

Microlab Model BK-75 is a Diplexer which allows combination and separation of the signals in the LTE band 698 - 793 MHz and the 824 - 894 cellular band. To minimize band inter-reaction, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands.
The Diplexer has been designed using passive, proprietary techniques which minimizes cost and size. At the same time it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability at input powers up to 100W per input.


Download Datasheet
  Band P1: 698 - 793 MHz
  Band P2: 824 - 894 MHz
Power: 100W
Return Loss: >19 dB, all ports
Isolation: 60 dB typ., >50 dB in band
PIM: <-153dBc, for 2 x 20W tones measured in downlink band
Connectors: 4.3-10 (f)
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 5.6 lbs (2.5Kg)