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Termination 350-2700MHz 5W -16 1dBc
4.3-10(m) IP67



  • Standard bandwidth for commercial applications
  • Small Cell Power Levels
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • A convenient size for easy installation on radios
  • Passes 30 days Salt Fog Test with boot
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS compliant

Product Description

Microlab TK-200 Series cable loads are ideal for small cell wireless applications, when extremely low PIM performance is required. A typical application is terminating MIMO small cell radios. Designers can use this cable load with Microlab’s 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 hybrid combiners to provide superior low PIM performance. Units are black anodized for outdoor applications and meet 30 days ASTM B117 Salt Fog Testing when used with a weather protection boot.


Download Datasheet
Frequency: 350 - 2700 MHz
Power: 5W

<1.20:1 max., 1.10:1 typ. for 400-2700MHz

<1.30:1 max., 1.20:1 typ. for 350-400MHz


<-161 dBc (-124dBm)

Test with 2x tones at max. power @ ambient

Connectors: 4.3-10 (m)
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 0.44 lb., (199 g)