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TYPE N .25-4.0 GHZ



  • Ideal for Phase Matching Multiple Amplifiers
  • Reliable Noise-Free Operation
  • Constant Impedance Design
  • Position Locking Provided
  • Long Life Beryllium Copper Contacts
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • Stops Prevent Accidental Disassembly

Product Description

Call +1 (973) 386-9696 or email sales@microlabtechcom for price and availability.

Microlab ST series trombone line stretchers are designed to adjust the electrical separation of other components without introducing additional mismatch. They consist of two single stretchers, see SR series, mounted in series, providing twice the phase range for a given physical size. All step discontinuities have been carefully compensated.

The Microlab/FXR line stretchers are constant impedance devices utilizing a unique inner design eliminating the step discontinuities associated with conventional line stretchers. They are rugged, well designed devices with a proven history.

Options for different polarity or alternate connectors are available on request


Download Datasheet
Frequency: 0.25 to 4 GHz usable to DC
Power: 100 W avg., 5 kW pk.
VSWR: < 2 GHz 1.25:1 max.
  2 - 4 GHz 1.45:1 max
Insertion Loss: < 2.0 GHz 0.25/0.70 dB typ.
  2 - 4 GHz 0.70/1.20 dB typ.
Connectors: N-Type male-male
Phase Range: 120 degrees