Modular Hybrid Card Sub-Rack 2 -slots 2.5RU

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The MCC200H Subrack is compact 2.5RU rackmount
chasis. It has 2 slots for Microlab’s MCC200-4×4 series
Hybrid cards. MCC200H is outdoor rated. The subrack has
been designed for easy installation of the hybrid cards. It
has pass through holes for ports of modular hybrids at the
back for interconnection with the filter outputs. The anten-
na ports are in the front. For unused slots in the subrack,
MCC200-A02 blank faceplates can be used.

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  • Slots for up to 2 MCC Hybrid Cards
  • Overall Subrack height of 2.5RU
  • Subrack depth of 7.6 inches
  • Compatible with MCC200-4×4
  • Hybrid Cards
  • Front Access to Antenna ports for ease of installation
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Compact Aesthetic design
  • Blank faceplate available for unused slots


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