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Designing Signal Distribution in High Performance Networks

This webinar will explore the different strategies for in-building wireless and small cell coverage and capacity. It will also introduce viewers to a new network planning tool that supports the design and optimization of outdoor / indoor wireless networks. This webinar will address: Balancing the cost, coverage, and capacity of in-building wireless deployments; Best practices on component selection and system design; Considerations for deploying mid-band CBRS and Band 43, high band LTE-LAA, and a 5G HetNet.

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Importance of Low PIM Components Webinar

The advent of wireless with its tightly grouped, high power, high frequency signals and the associated high sensitivity receivers has created many unanticipated PIM (Passive Intermodulation) problems. PIM is caused by improper design of the passive, sharing  transmission line by the receive signal. This brief overview describes a few of the problems and solutions encountered by Microlab/FXR in its efforts to supply PIM-free wireless components.

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Affordable Design Techniques for Broad-Band DAS Expansion

In this webinar, the concept of the Signal Tapper will be introduced. This webinar will also include an analysis of the performance characteristics and recommended design revisions that will enable tremendous cost savings without any sacrifice to over-all system performance.

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DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioners for In-Building DAS

This Webinar is designed for people who want to learn about the new approaches to In-Building Communications Systems. The primary focus will be on the carrier interface in the passive DAS.  We will discuss a variety of approaches from both the component and integrated standpoint with special attention to the impact of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) which results from additional frequency deployment within the DAS.

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