4.3-10 Products

Microlab offers the 4.3-10 connector on our low passive intermodulation (PIM) products.  This new 4.3-10 connector has been designed specifically for low PIM performance in mobile network equipment.  Applications range from macro base stations to distributed antenna systems (DAS).  The DAS applications can be indoor DAS or outdoor, O-DAS utilizing small cell equipment.

The 4.3-10 connector has a number of mechanical advantages over previous RF coaxial connector interfaces.  The 4.3-10 connector design separates the electrical and mechanical planes by employing a new contact system that minimizes coupling torque and simplifies installation.  This connector system has three different plug types:  Nut screw-on, Hand screw-on, and a push-pull quick connect.  All of these are compatible with the universal female jack used on Microlab components.  This means that the connectors can be coupled without using a torque wrench during installation.  The screw on type is turned to a positive stop which provides a repeatable reliable connection.  No longer can the connector be over-tightened which damages the connector causing PIM problems.  Likewise the quick connect type combines a reliable connection with ease of assembly.

The 4.3-10 is smaller than the widely used 7-16 DIN connector.  Mobile network components can be designed smaller.  This in turn allows for more cable connections in a system’s installation envelope.  This is a major cost advantage for wireless service providers looking to minimize floor space in a venue.

The 4.3-10 is the perfect connector for Microlab’s well established low PIM product line.  This new connector further enhances Micolab’s guaranteed low PIM performance.  These products earn our Low PIM label for superior PIM characteristics.


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