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Overcome your 5G network deployment challenges

Microlab is a leading component and integrated solution partner relied on for tackling the challenges with 5G network deployments. Whether designers are seeking better system performance or lower cost deployments with smaller and lighter solutions that are available when they are needed, Microlab engineers can provide consultation to select the most appropriate standard or custom solutions to meet these needs. Microlab 5G passive components provide the advantage of pre-approval at many MNOs and neutral hosts, small size and weight for concealment, low dissipative loss for maximum system capacity, and guaranteed low PIM for optimal system performance, all typically available from stock or through wide distribution network. Custom solutions can be designed for specific requirements as well, often available within weeks.

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New Products

  • D3-76FE

    3-way Wilkinson Splitter 617-5925MHz 50W -153dBc 4.3-10 IP67

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  • D4-76FE

    4-way In-line Splitter 617-5925MHz 50W -153dBc 4.3-10 IP67

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  • D2-83FN

    2-way Reactive Splitter 617-59 25MHz 300W -161dBc N-type IP67

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  • D3-83FN

    3-way Reactive Splitter 617-59 25MHz 300W -161dBc N-type IP67

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  • D4-83FN

    4-way Reactive Splitter 617-59 25MHz 300W -161dBc N-type IP67

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Featured Product

NEW! 40W • UWB • 4.3-10M
View TK-640ME

Low PIM, Ultra-Wideband Cable Loads for 5G NR & C-Band Applications

Microlab TK-600 series of cable loads are ultra-wideband design for 5G NR & C-band applications, where extremely low passive inter-modulation is required. A typical application is terminating unused ports on small cell radios. Designers can use this cable load with Microlab’s 2×2 and 4×4 hybrid combiners to provide superior low PIM performance. Units are black anodized for outdoor applications and meet 30 days ASTM B117 Salt Fog Testing when used with a weather boot.

  • Ultra-wide band for 5G applications
  • 5, 10, 25, & 40W Power Levels
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • Compact Size for easy installation
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available in 4.3-10, NEX10, and 2.2-5 connectors

Upgrade your network with confidence

  • Increase capacity with an improved signal-to-noise ratio, which enables higher order modulation
    • Facilitated through low insertion loss, low return loss, low PIM, and high isolation components
  • Benefit from prolonged low PIM component performance from mechanical designs that mitigate the impact of harsh environmental conditions
  • Improve quality of service for user connection with absolute PIM performance equivalent to a macro tower
  • Achieve better system designs by using components supported by iBwave and/or Ranplan and with guaranteed performance specifications
  • Increase coverage with a larger link budget for further signal propagation and a higher density of signals
    • Enabled by low insertion loss and low return loss components
  • Read the Article Better System Performance
  • Small form factor components give designers more flexibility in their mechanical designs
    • Enables better concealment, decreased overall wind load, more room for heat dissipation and smaller small cells
  • Less occupied space in enclosure gives more room for additional bands or carriers
  • Lower weight requires less mechanical support/reinforcement for installation
  • Read the Article Smaller Components
  • Products available to ship within 3-5 days
  • Nationwide stocking distribution partners increase likelihood of component availability
  • Procurement time is reduced as many components are approved at major carriers and neutral hosts
  • Rapidly resolve any passive component issues at existing sites by improving procurement time of swap components
  • Stocked alternates are recommended for long lead time products in BOM design consultation
  • Read the Article Components Available When Needed
  • Future proof your deployment with design consultation for proposed new licensed, unlicensed, and shared bands
  • Optimal system performance enabled with design consultation from experienced application engineering support and component customizations to best address requirements
  • High-quality components improve system reliability, reducing OPEX of deployments
  • Product questions are quickly resolved without delays due to time zone differences
  • Aesthetically pleasing small cells reduce site turn up time due to quicker zoning and permit approval
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Ultra-wideband (617 MHz to 5925 MHz) products are available in all the following categories:


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