Custom Fixed Point of Interface (POI)

DCC Series™ – DAS Carrier Conditioner for Indoor and Outdoor Fiber DAS Systems

Microlab offers also a wide variety of combining-only DCC solutions for In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems. Available bands range from 136 MHz to 6GHz, including public service channels and Tetra usually in the range from 380 to 520 MHz, cellular services extending from LTE 700 to WiMAX/LTE-2600.

Microlab’s broad range of catalog diplexers and hybrids allow rapid creation of special configurations to suit customer needs, whether in-building, on trains, in tunnels, in hospitals, and other venues.

To simplify ordering, Microlab offers a variety of standard DAS Carrier Conditioner designs, for example 4 low band and 4 high band inputs combined to 4 identical outputs. Our designs come with very low loss specifications, greatly simplifying the task of optimizing the loss budget.

DCC 690 DNW 710

Microlab’s DCC Series™ also offers DAS Carrier Conditioners for outdoor deployments. All internal modules are embedded in a NEMA 4 / IP 66 rated enclosure. This ensures the integrity of the RF performance even under harsh environmental conditions that prevail in outdoor deployments like stadiums, airports, stations, exhibition and concert halls or simply outside small cell coverage areas. The unit can be pole mounted and the housing allows modifications to accommodate other mounting options.

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Products Available

DCC Combiner / Point-of-Interface (POI)

Datasheet Description
DCC601-B08 DCC, 18 X 4 COMBINER TRAY, 698-2700 MHz, D-F, ROHS
DCC601-B19 DCC, 9 X 2 COMBINER TRAY, 1800/2100/2600 BANDS, 4.3-F2 Value 2
DCC601-B22 DCC, 9 X 1 COMBINER TRAY, 900/1800/2100 BANDS, 4.3-F
DCC601-B32 DCC, SIMPLEX COMBINER TRAY, 1900/2100 MHz, 4.3-F
DCC601-B34 DCC, 6 X 2 COMBINER TRAY,700-2700 MHz, D-F
DCC690D DCC, 8 X 4 COMBINER, 698-2700,D-F, -153 dBc PIM, ROHS
DCC690E DCC, 8 X 4 COMBINER, 698-2700,4.3-F, -153 dBc PIM, ROHS
DCC690DNW DCC, 8 X 4 COMBINER, 698-2700,D-F, -153 dBc PIM, OUTDOOR, ROHS
DCC601-B44 DCC, 2 X 1 COMBINER TRAY, 698-2700 MHz, 4.3-F, 1RU