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Press Releases

Microlab Enables GPS Network Synchronization at Distrito T-Mobile in Puerto Rico

Wireless Telecom Group announced today that the Microlab Digital GPS Repeater was selected and integrated by Anziva Technologies for the new Distrito T-Mobile entertainment venue in Puerto Rico to enable precision network synchronization for its cellular communication network.
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Microlab Solutions Expand to Enable Deployment of Mid-band Spectrum Allocations for 5G

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group company, announced today that it has expanded its broad portfolio of RF signal distribution and combining solutions to enable the deployment of commercial wireless networks utilizing new licensed and unlicensed mid-band spectrum allocations.
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Microlab Expands its Innovative Modular Point-of-Interface Product Line with New IP67 Rated MCC Series™ for Outdoor Small Cell and D-RAN Deployments

Microlab introduces the MCC200 Series Modular Carrier Conditioner, an IP67 rated modular point of interface (POI) solution for outdoor small cell and D-RAN deployments. To provide flexibility to any mobile network operator (MNO) or neutral host deployment, the MCC200 Series offers an outdoor rated modular system that can accommodate any LTE communication band up to 6 GHz. This new platform expands the set of modular POI offerings introduced by Microlab in 2018, providing the same type of innovative flexibility for outdoor deployments which require upgrade and reconfiguration as capacity and bandwidth requirements evolve over time. Read More