Futureproof small cell deployments

To enable the required coverage and capacity improvements for 5G, the number of small cells needs to be increased for network densification and upgraded to utilize 5G mid-band frequencies. Microlab is a trusted RF component and solution provider with whom you can partner to deliver multiple bands for maximum bandwidth and carrier aggregation in your small cell deployments. Microlab’s broad product portfolio includes multi-band combiners, filters, cables, and terminations. Products are available from stock within three to five days or through a wide distribution network.  Custom solutions can be designed to meet site-specific requirements and are often available within a few weeks. Our comprehensive collection of solutions means you can find the products you need. They are readily available, streamlining procurement and speeding up small cell commissioning.

Microlab specializes in optimizing designs to achieve exceptional electrical performance in compact form factors.


+ Signal Combining

The increase in demand for mobile capacity will continue into the foreseeable future driven by many use cases. This trend is requiring mobile network operators (MNOs), Neutral Hosts (NH), and 3rd Party Network Owners (3PO) to find novel ways to efficiently combine the 4G/5G NR technologies to overlay 3G systems currently in operation. Microlab Signal Combiners will allow these technologies to co-inhabit without costly upgrades of existing hardware and real estate. Microlab offers the following products for signal combining:

Microlab offers a broad range of signal combiners, including filters, multi-band combiners, or crossband couplers. The focus is to provide extremely high isolation with minimum loss and low PIM.

  • Low loss combining of RRU/RRH with high isolation and low PIM.
  • Ideal for multi-band LTE carrier aggregation and multi-Carrier neutral host deployments
  • Compact Design with options for 2×2/4×4 MIMO

Microlab Hybrid/Matrix Couplers are used to combine two or more signals without interaction regardless of how close the frequencies of the signals may be. Hybrid couplers are commonly referred to as hybrid combiners when one of the output ports is terminated.

  • Combine/simulcast single RRU/RRHs to different antennas.
  • UWB combining while balancing insertion loss and providing adequate isolation.
  • Low PIM and excellent Return Loss, great way to combine signals.

+ Signal Conditioning

Microlab signal conditioning allows for appropriate termination, attenuation and other signal conditioning applications such as DC Block lightning for Small Cells applications. Terminations are used to ensure proper system matching and for unwanted interference to be avoided. Attenuators are utilized to reduce the power due to FCC MPE and RF Safety regulations. Microlab offers the following products for signal conditioning:

Terminations or dummy loads are essential in small cell deployments to prevent signal reflection and maintain proper signal flow. Low PIM terminations are especially important when terminating radios and hybrid combiners to prevent interference, while resistive terminations can be used for terminating unused antenna ports.

  • Guaranteed low PIM
  • Convenient size for radio installation
  • Small Cell power Levels
  • Stable performance in wide temperatures

Microlab’s attenuators are used to reduce the power level of small cell signals in order to comply with FCC MPE rules, to prevent interference and damage, and to adjust signal strength and maintain signal quality. By using low PIM attenuators, RF power is absorbed without reflecting power or adding PIM to the signal.

  • No added noise or interference
  • Excellent VSWR performance
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • Suitable for sensitive equipment

DC Blocks provide an essential layer of protection to ensure reliable operation of your system. They prevent the flow of direct current (DC) and low frequency current surges along the inner and/or the outer conductors of a transmission line, while permitting the unimpeded flow of RF signals.

  • Blocks DC to tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs)
  • Minimal RF insertion loss
  • Guaranteed low PIM

Featured Products

Picture of Diplexer BK-2035T
View BK-2035T
View BK-2035TW

Bring Maximum Performance to the Smallest Spaces

Microlab BK-2035T is a diplexer that enables the combining or splitting of PCS-AWS and 2.5/BRS for 5G carrier aggregation in DAS & small cells in a 2×2 MIMO format. The second port allows for adding 2.5/BRS signal into existing or new networks along with PCS-AWS. The inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands to minimize band inter-reaction. Attention to mechanical design guarantees low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) for a prolonged period, and the connectors are spaced to be compatible with common protective boots for enhanced weatherproofing, as well as allowing for easy and precise installation with a torque wrench. Dual mounted configuration for 4×4 MIMO applications is available as BK-2035TW.

  • Suitable for Small Cell, DAS & DRAN deployments
  • Extremely compact design for both Twin & Quad Units
  • Future-proof existing installations
  • Well spaced connectors for simplified installations and weatherproofing
  • 50W per port
  • Guaranteed Low PIM; Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • NEX10® Connectors
  • IP67 Rated; RoHS Complaint

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