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Modular POI - MCC Series™

Modular POI - MCC Series™

Microlab’s MCC Series POI is a Passive Modular Carrier Combiner for Neutral Host Small Cell and D-RAN Architectures. It helps combine RAN remote heads for RF distribution. It has been designed to provide up to 4 Operators SISO configurations for 2 sectors OR up to 4 Operator MIMO for 1 sector. The MCC allows many configurations to support multi-carrier and multi-band Neutral Host MIMO or SISO applications. The design has been optimized for low-loss in a modular enclosure that is compatible with standard 19” Racks. It is passively cooled, so no external power or fans are required.

Modular POI - MCC Products


MCC Series Modular POI Catalog

MCC Series™ Application Note
Modular Filter Cards
Product No.Description
MCC200-501 600-700/850/PCS/AWS/WCS Pentaplexer Card, 4.3-10, IP67 Datasheet
MCC200-401 600-700/850/PCS/AWS Quadraplexer Card, 4.3-10, IP67 Datasheet
MCC200-301 600-700/PCS/AWS Triplexer Card, 4.3-10, IP67 Datasheet
MCC200-302 PCS/AWS/BRS Triplexer Card, 4.3-10, IP67 Datasheet
MCC200-403 600-700/PCS/AWS/BRS Quadraplexer Card, 4.3-10, IP67  


Modular Hybrid Combiners
MCC200-4x4A 617 - 2700 MHz, Standard, 4.3-10, IP67 Datasheet


Rack and Peripherals
MCC200-SRC-01 Modular Wall Mount Sub-Rack Combiner 4-slots  
MCC200 19” Subrack for up to 8 Crossband Cards, 6RU - Required Datasheet
MCC200-100 “Through” Card for Single Radio Input, 4.3-10 - Optional  
MCC200H 19” Subrack for upto 2 Hybrid Cards, 2.5RU - Required Datasheet


For Wall Mount
Wall Mount Enclosure
Side Mount Enclosure