Corporate Profile

Microlab products are known worldwide for their superior performance and are considered the gold standard in RF and Microwave distribution systems. Microlab, LLC, founded in 1949, designs and manufactures high-performance components such as dividers, directional couplers and filters. These components are generally:

  • Broadband – to allow future upgrades of enhanced wireless services
  • Low Loss – to increase signal strength for improved coverage
  • Low PIM – to minimize interference and improve system performance
  • In Stock – for our Tier 1 off-the-shelf Shipment Program

Microlab products also include customized integrated solutions, neutral host DAS, Signal Conditioning, and active monitoring and control devices that are used for:

  • Combining high-powered signals from multiple carriers
  • High level monitoring and signal treatment
  • Cost-reduced usage of existing cellular infrastructure
  • Fully tested and qualified systems packaged in convenient rack trays

Our products are used in commercial applications such as:

  • Cellular telephone towers by the largest mobile phone service providers in the US and Europe
  • Base stations by the world’s largest suppliers of wireless infrastructure
  • GPS timing signal routing and extensions
  • In-building distributed antenna systems, DAS, by the largest installers
  • Wireless LAN service on the fastest trains in the world
  • Linear accelerator systems for cancer treatment
  • Public Safety in-building communication RF systems

Many of our products are sold worldwide under many brand names, some of which you may already use. With over 65 years of experience we have developed an extraordinary reputation for delivering quality products with unsurpassed reliability and immediate availability. Our products are produced utilizing the latest technologies, advanced systems and unique manufacturing techniques. At Microlab we have worked hard to create a valued product and respected name.

Mission Statement – Quality, Reliability, Availability.

Our mission is to provide our customers with products that deliver superior performance time after time. At Microlab our commitment to performance, quality, exceptional reliability with timely delivery is a key ingredient in establishing and maintaining successful customer relationships.