Salt and Fog

Network Infrastructure Products for Harsh Environments

Microlab’s product line for harsh outdoor applications have been designed to protect against corrosive salt fog environments. These products combine state of the art protective coatings, double moisture seals, and limits the use of dissimilar metals to produce a robust outdoor RF component. These products are also adapted with modified 4-hole flanges. Unlike our competitors our 4-hole flange design prevents rotation during assembly avoiding future PIM issues. Available as custom assemblies or passive components.

Microlab Salt-Fog Products:

  • Capable of performing under corrosive salt fog conditions
  • Complies with Telcordia GR-3108-CORE paragraph 6.2 “Salt Fog Exposure” as Class 4 products for 30 Days as defined by ASTM-B117
  • IP68 Ingress Protection Rating for hazardous partial protection and product submission greater than 1 meter
  • Connector Interfaces accepts Weather Protection Boot System
  • Connectors designed to withstand excessive installation torque

These components will perform service free even in the worst environmental conditions. In addition the connectors on these products have been redesigned to withstand high torque conditions for trouble free installations.

See the Salt Fog Catalog here.

Products Available