iBwave & Ranplan for planning, design and deployment

These wireless network design files were generated by Microlab for use with iBwave and Ranplan databases.

Upload the .vex files to your iBwave library or visit www.ibwavecomponents.com to access Microlab & RF Industries .vex files. Logging into iBwave is required.

Product Category File Type Date Updated Click to download files
Ultra-Wideband Passives Vex 12/27/2023 Download
Enterprise+ Passives Vex 3/11/2024 Download
NEW Public Safety Passives Vex 9/28/2023 Download
Modular Carrier Combiner Design Pack Vex 12/27/2023 Download
Low PIM Plenum Jumpers Vex 12/27/2023 Download
All Microlab Passives Vex 2/12/2024 Download
All Microlab Passives Ranplan 12/21/2021 Download
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