Active Solutions Overview

Microlab Active Solutions

Microlab products have been used in wireless infrastructure since the beginning of the industry. As a result, we understand that industry requirements continually evolves. We constantly develop new products to support new modulation schemes, frequencies, and other wireless infrastructure changes. Leveraging its deep technical background in wireless, Microlab released its first active component, the Active DAS Control Rack in 2014. It provides remote monitoring and level control between an RF source and a fiber DAS. As a follow-up in 2015, Microlab launched a group dedicated to Active Solutions.

Microlab’s Active product group has developed a platform that enables rapid development of products that will address various gaps in the telecom and public safety market including RF monitoring and system performance. This platform will also allow integration with the next generation of wireless equipment.

Microlab Digital GPS Signal Repeater

Digital GPS Signal Repeater System

Microlab’s digital GPS repeater system can be used for cellular communications UTC synchronization for locations where the GPS signals are not readily available. The system is built with Microlab’s patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology™ offering industry-first GPS signal transmission via CPRI for highly accurate timing and location. The system offers several configurations for indoor and outdoor applications.

Lossless GPS Signal Splitter

Lossless GPS Signal Splitter

Microlab’s Lossless GPS Signal Splitters can be used to distribute UTC synchronization to up to 32 remote units located where the GPS signals are available via coax. The GPS signal quality and antenna status are actively monitored by this system, with auto switch-over to the backup antenna upon fault detection. The splitters can be combined with the Microlab Digital GPS Signal Repeater to expand the RF outputs. It offers 16-channel and 32-channel options.

Microlab SmartCoupler


Microlab’s SmartCoupler is the world’s first Radio Frequency coupler with embedded signal monitoring intelligence. SmartCoupler capitalizes on the Internet of Things ecosystem to monitor the integrity of transmission lines and antennas, deep into a building for emergency communications systems.