Affordable Design Techniques for Broad-Band DAS Expansion

Broadcasted on 10/20/2010

Rand Skopas

Rand Skopas
Dir. of Field Sales

Frequency expansion drives increasingly complex and more costly broad-band DAS solutions. Leading DAS Designers are now beginning to offset some of this cost by using Signal Tappers in place of more costly Directional Couplers. Microlab now offers the highest-performance/most cost-effective Signal Tapper solution available on the market. In this webinar, the concept of the Signal Tapper will be introduced. This webinar will also include an analysis of the performance characteristics and recommended design revisions that will enable tremendous cost savings without any sacrifice to over-all system performance.

Webinar Q&A

Below are questions that were recieved during the webinar.

Are there any differences in the way that Signal Tappers are specified when compared to Directional Couplers?

What impact could the lack of directivity (and resulting isolation) have on over-all system performance?

What kinds of customers are using Signal Tappers rather than Directional Couplers?