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Triplexer PCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 100W -161dBc
4.3-10 IP67



  • Combines PCS/AWS-1(A-B)/AWS-3 (H-I)
  • 40 dB Input Isolation
  • 100 W/port Avg. Power
  • Low RF Insertion Loss & Ripple
  • Low PIM Guaranteed
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Applications
  • Rugged and High Reliability
  • RoHS compliant

Product Description

Microlab Model BK-3002E is a Triplexer which allows
combination and separation of the signals in the PCS band,
AWS-1(A-B), 1710-1730/2110-2130MHz, and AWS-3(H-
I), 1760-170/2160-2170Mhz. To minimize band inter-re-
action, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal inser-
tion loss over their respective frequency bands.
The Triplexer has been designed using passive, pro-
prietary techniques which minimizes cost and size. At the
same time it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability
at input powers up to 100W per input.


Download Datasheet

Port 1 PCS Input: 1850-1995 Mhz
Port 2 AWS-1 (A-B): 1710-1730/2110-2130 MHz
Port 3 AWS-3 (H-I): 1760-1770/2160-2170 MHz
Input Isolation: >40 dB
Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB in passband
Passband Ripple: <0.4 dB
Group Delay: TBD
PIM (intermod): <-161 dBc (-118dBm)
Impedance: 50W nominal
Environment: -30°C to +65°C, IP67