Microlab Combiners: Combining Signals for in-Building DAS


Microlab custom designs boxes that conveniently integrate passive components. A common example is the DCC SeriesTM DAS Carrier Conditioner used at the Point of Interface between service providers and an In-Building DAS (Distributed Antenna system). Requirements commonly include the need to combine signals from public service channels or Tetra with cellular services extending from LTE 700 to WiMAX/LTE-2600, as well as other services up to 6 GHz. Microlab’s broad range of catalog diplexers and hybrids allow rapid creation of special configurations to suit customer needs, whether in-building, on trains, in tunnels, in hospitals, etc. To simplify requirements further, Microlab also offers standard designs which offer for example 4 low band and 4 high band inputs combined to 4 identical outputs, which may be distributed to different parts of an in-building project. The video presentation talks about the details of the performance characteristics of Microlab RF design components and DCC SeriesTM DAS Carrier Conditioners, its application and the availability.