Tapper, 13dB, 694-3800MHz, 300W, -155dBc, 4.3-10(f), Enterprise+

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Microlab’s Enterprise Series addresses the commercial wireless and private LTE needs for Enterprise DAS Applications.

Microlab DN-EP-x-738FE tappers unevenly split high- power RF signals in fixed ratios from 100:1 to 2:1 with mini- mal reflections or loss. The Patented design ensures an excellent input VSWR and coupling flatness across the specified bands.

The extended frequency range of this design with stable performance across the band enables optimal coverage and performance for multi-band applications.

  • Enterprise+ Series: Commercial Wireless and Private LTE Applications
  • Extended Bandwidth: 694-3800MHz
  • Split ratios from 100:1 to 2:1
  • Patented Design*
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • IP65 Rated
  • RoHS compliant

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Frequency Bands 694-2200 / 2300-3800 MHz
Ratio 20:1
Value (dB) 13
Main Loss (dB) 0.4
Branch Loss (dB) 13.2
Accuracy (dB) ±1.3
Power Rating 300 W avg.
Dissipative Loss <0.1 dB (main line)
Return Loss < 1.3:1
Impedance 50Ω nominal
PIM < -155 dBc (-112 dBm)(2x43dBm)
Temperature -35°C to +65°C
Environment IP65
Connectors 4.3-10(f)
Housing Finish Painted
Dimensions 2.95 x 0.98 x 0.98(in); 75x25x25(mm)
Weight, nom 0.44lbs [0.20kg]


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