Tapper, 13dB, 340-960MHz, 200W, Type N(f)

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Microlab DN-PS-x-396FN tappers unevenly split high-power RF signals in fixed ratios from 100:1 to 2:1 with minimal reflections or loss. These Tappers have been optimized to cover UHF/TETRA and PS700/PS800/PS900 DAS Applications that do not require Low-PIM. The Patented design ensures an excellent input VSWR and coupling flatness across the specified bands.

  • Covers all Popular Public Safety bands: UHF/FirstNet/PS700/PS800/PS900
  • Split ratios from 100:1 to 2:1
  • Patented Design*
  • 200 W Avg Power Rating
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • IP65 Rated
  • RoHS compliant

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Frequency Bands 340-960 MHz
Ratio 20:1
Value (dB) 13
Main Loss (dB) 0.5
Branch Loss (dB) 13.2
Accuracy (dB) @340-617MHz ±1.3
Accuracy (dB) @617-960MHz ±1.25
Power Rating 200 W avg.
Dissipative Loss <0.1 dB (main line)
Return Loss < 1.3:1 (10-20dB)
< 1.35:1 (4.8-8dB)
Impedance 50Ω nominal
Temperature -35°C to +65°C
Environment IP65
Connectors Type N(f)
Housing Finish Painted
Dimensions 3.77 x 0.98 x 0.98(in); 96x25x25(mm)
Weight, nom 14oz [380g]


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