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2-way GPS Active Splitter 12dB Gain N-type IP67

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Microlab’s GPS/GNSS Signal Splitters can be used to distribute GPS/GNSS RF signals from a single antenna to multiple devices. They are designed for locations where extra gain is needed in the RF path. The splitter has an LNA with an extremely low noise figure and bandpass filter. The splitters do not require any external power supply and operate directly from the power provided by the GPS receiver. The other outputs are DC terminated

• 2, 4, and 8-way splitters with gain and filtering
• Small form factor with SMA or N-type connectors
• Includes all GPS/GNSS L1/E1/G1 bands
• Extremely low noise figure
• No external power supply required
• Outdoor IP67 rated
• Works with active and passive GNSS antennas

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