JA-10-ME-ME (JA-10MX)

1m 0.141 Cable DC-6GHz 100W, -161dBc typ. 4.3-10(m)-4.3-10(m) Indoor, JA Express

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Microlab JA series coaxial cable assemblies are developed for reliability and guaranteed low PIM performance. These cables are designed for D-RAN and Small Cell deployments, where low loss and cable flexibility are crucial. JA cables are ideal for interconnections between radios, antennas, and RF passive components.

If you need additional cable assemblies, our sales team is available to help. Microlab, a division of RF Industries, specializes in creating custom cable assemblies and connectors that are tailored to your specifications, such as type of cable, connectors, and length, with quick turnaround times.

Formerly JA-10MX

  • Ultra-wideband for 5G (Low/Mid/C-Band), Public Safety, & WiFi
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • 100W Average Power Rating
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • Rugged & High Reliability
  • Plenum rated, CMP UL Listing
  • RoHS compliant

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Cable Assembly Configuration
Connector 1: 4.3-10(m)
Connector 2: 4.3-10(m)
Cable Length: 1 meter (10 decimeters)
Electrical Specifications
Frequency: DC to 6 GHz
Impedance: 50Ω nominal
Shielding: 90 dB min.
RoHS: Compliant
PIM: <-161 dBc typ., <-158dBc min.
(Test with 2x tones @+43dBm)
VSWR: <1.15:1 (DC -3 GHz)
<1.25:1 (3 – 6 GHz)
Power: 100 W avg, 3kW pk.
Velocity of Propagation: 70.8%
Environment: -40°C to +125°C
Frequency Loss/m(dB)
380 MHz <0.3
960 MHz <0.5
1700 MHz <0.6
2700 MHz <0.8
3450 MHz <0.9
6000 MHz <1.0
Connector Specifications
Body/Nut: Brass, Tri-metal plated
Center Conductor: Brass, Silver plated
Dielectrics: PTFE
Gaskets/O-ring: Silicon Rubber
Cable Specifications
Inner Conductor: Silver plated copper (0.037”)
Dielectric: PTFE (0.118”)
Outer Conductor: Tinned Soaked Copper Braid (0.141”)
Jacket: Extruded FEP, CMP (0.163”)
Static Bend Radius: 0.4”


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