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Modular Pentaplexer 600-850/PCS/AWS/WCS-BRS/5GNR n77 40W 160dBc 4.3-10 IP67

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The MCC200-502 filter module is available for C-Band & 3.45GHz applications combining 600-850/PCS/AWS/WCS-BRS/5GNR n77 Bands. The filter module is low-loss and IP67 rated for outdoor applications.
Port 1 covers 600-850MHz and supports single and dual-band radios. Port 4 is for either WCS or BRS injection. Port 5 offers support for full 5GNR n77, which covers current Licensed C-Band, 3.45GHz, & CBRS as well as support for future n77 applications.
The MCC200 is a available in either a 6RU rack-mount enclosure or compact wall-mount sub-rack. The rack-mount option accommodates up to (8) filter combiner modules. The wall-mount sub-rack offers 4-slots plus an integrated Ultra-Wideband 4×4 combiner.

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Frequency: 600-850/PCS/AWS/WCS-BRS/5GNR n77

Insertion Loss:<0.3dB (typ), <0.4 dB (max)

Return Loss: >20 dB (600-850, AWS, WCS-BRS), >19.1dB (PCS)
>17.7dB (3300-4200)

Impedance: 50Ω

Dimensions 10.35×8.89×2.15 in [263×226.5×54.6 mm]


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