Modular Wall Mount Sub-Rack with Dual Combiners, 4-slots

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The MCC200-SRC-02 is a compact wall mount chassis with two (2) integrated Microlab CM-141E hybrid. It has 4 slots for Microlab’s MCC200-x01 series filter cards. The subrack assembly is IP67 rated. MCC200-SRC-02 has been designed for flexibility to scale for multi-operator network configurations as desired with ability to commission the network with just the lead MNO on Day 1. It has pass through holes for ports of modular filter cards at the back for interconnection with the hybrid combiners. Microlab MCC200-x01 filter cards are provided with interconnection cables in the box. For unused slots in the subrack, MCC200-A03 blank faceplates can be used.
  • Slots for up to 4x MCC Filter Cards
  • Compact aesthetic POI for DRAN Applications
  • 10” depth from the wallUltra-wideband 4×4 Hybrid enables 5G
    FR1 bands for Neutral Host Network
  • IP67 Rated
  • Blank faceplate available for unused slots

Download Datasheet 

Hybrid: Refer CM-141E datasheet
Hybrid (included): 2 x CM-141E
Slots: 4
Mounted Depth: 10.07 [255.8 mm]
Height: 14.20 in [360.6 mm]
Width: 10.03 in [254.8 mm]
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Painted


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