20dB Smart Coupler 700-1000 MHz, N-F, 50W, IP67

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The PS700/PS800 SMART Coupler SC-xxN-850 combines a specially developed narrow band, 750-960 MHz, passive coupler with active diagnostic technology for system monitoring with failure detection and malfunction location capabilities.
The SMART(System Monitor Alarm Report Technology) Passives system comprises a SMART Gateway at the headend and SMART Coupler deployed in the DAS. Each coupler reports the VSWR at each port based on a calibrated CW tone generated by the gateway. The SMART Coupler can report failures such as open/short circuits when the network may not be operating as intended by storing and comparing the VSWR at the port over time. The SMART gateway then communicates the alarm via e-mail, SMS, or SNMP. It also pinpoints the location where the failure occurred.
The real-time monitoring that the SMART Passives system provides ensures that public safety DAS integrators, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and building owners can rely upon the operation of their critical communication systems..

  • Monitor public safety DAS infrastructure health with SMART Passive System.
  • SMART Coupler designed for public safety PS700, FirstNet & PS800 applications
  • With SMART Coupler and Gateway, enable diagnostics, power, and communication over RF coaxial cable
  • Network alarms communicated via e-mail, SMS & SNMP
  • N-type coaxial connector interface
  • RoHS Complaint

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Frequency: 750-960 MHz
VSWR: 1.40:1 max.
Power Rating: 50 W avg.
Detector Range: -33 to +37 dBm
Accuracy: ± 3 dB
Monitor Frequency: ISM 928MHz
Dissipative Loss: 1.0 dB.
Freq. Sensitivity: ± 1.2 dB
DC Power*: 0.3 W typ. with +24 VDC @ ambient
DC Current*: 0.01 A typ. with +24 VDC @ ambient
Impedance: 50Ω nom.
Environment: -20°C to +50°C, Indoor
Housing Finish: Passivated Aluminum
Connectors: N-type(f), Triplate
Weight: 2.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
Dimensions: 5.84 x 4.34 x 0.91 inches
[148.3 x 110.2 x 23.1 mm]

*DC Power is supplied by the SMART Gateway @ head-end


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