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Public Safety Brochure

Microlab has a long history in Mission Critical applications. We began in 1949 as a supplier of coaxial components for the Defense and Microwave industries. Since the 1990’s Microlab has become a leader in the emerging commercial Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Market. Our components are approved and in use worldwide by many of the largest Wireless Service Providers.

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Small Cell Components

Microlab understands the complexities, challenges, and design considerations associated with deployments of radio base-stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and Small Cell technologies. Microlab’s commitment to offer system designers and integrators with reliable off-the-shelf and custom solutions continues to be key in supporting the enhancement of the existing coverage and capacity of service providers.

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DAS Applications

Microlab offers a wide selection of wireless infrastructure products including components for wireless base-stations, and solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS). Microlab offers: neutral host DAS and co-siting combiner solutions, hybrid couplers, hybrid matrices, attenuators, RF terminations, RF power splitter and diplexers.

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