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Enabling 4G/5G Satellite Networks Through Design and Test Solutions

This Wireless Telecom Group demonstration features solutions in signal generation, transport, impairment, monitoring, and measurement over a simulated satellite network, addressing the end-to-end needs of advancing satellite systems and real-life 4G/5G satellite network challenges.

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Real-Time Public Safety DAS Monitoring with Microlab's SMART Passives System

A public safety distributed antenna system (DAS) provides first responders with high-quality radio coverage within a building during emergency situations. Microlab's SMART Passives System enables real-time monitoring of DAS cabling, RF components, and antennas, ensuring reliable network performance and radio coverage of in-building public safety wireless networks.

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Microlab Combiners: Combining Signals for in-Building DAS

Microlab custom designs boxes that conveniently integrate passive components.

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Signal Tappers: Use and Advantages

Microlab's signal tapper unevenly splits high power cellular signals in fixed ratios.

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Microlab diplexers and triplexers for wireless applications

Microlab offers a wide range of broadband and narrowband diplexers and triplexers to meet the rigorous demands of the wireless market.

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