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4-way Splitter, 617-5925 MHz, 4.3-F,



  • Ultra Wide-band Splitters for LTE-LAA
  • 300 W Average Power
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 4.3-10 Flange Connectors

Product Description

Microlab D4-83FE 4 way Power Splitters have been designed to evenly split high power cellular signals with minimal reflections or loss. All joints are moisture sealed with o-rings to meet IP67 rating. The mechanical shape allows easy attachment to wall using the supplied brackets.
The ultra wide frequency range allows use in LTE-LAA deployments with multiband antennas and leaky cable systems. With few solder joints and an air dielectric, the loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced.


Download Datasheet
Frequency: 617 - 5925 MHz
Power: 300W avg, 1kW peak
Split Loss: 6 dB
VSWR: 1.30:1 max. @ 617-3800 MHz
  1.35:1 max. @ 4900-5925 MHz
PIM: -161 dBc (-118 dBm) min.
  (test with 2 x +43 dBm tones)
Connector: 4.3-10 (f)
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 1.0 lbs (0.45 kg)