Accelerate Deployments with No Compromises

Meet the most demanding lead times with cost-effective, low-PIM jumper assemblies

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Ultra-Wideband Express Jumpers

Today, every organization involved in network expansion projects is under pressure to accelerate deployments and cut costs — with no compromises to network performance or reliability. It’s an extremely tough combination of requirements to meet. Until now.

Microlab keeps high volumes of its most popular ultra-wideband, low-PIM jumper assemblies in stock and ready to ship so you have super-fast access to jumpers that are guaranteed to perform. Microlab Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Express Jumpers are a cost-effective and low-risk way to meet the toughest distributed-RAN (D-RAN) & small cell connectivity requirements in public safety, commercial and enterprise networks.

Enables use in low-, mid- and C-Band 5G deployments, public safety networks and Wi-Fi networks

Increases signal quality and strength end-to-end

Reduces losses when connecting to higher power equipment

Accelerates delivery to meet tough timelines