Variable Resistive Attenuator DC-2.7GHz 2W SMA Indoor

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The Microlab AV-60F is a Dual Rotary Attenuator for low power wireless applications covering from DC to 2.7 GHz. It adjusts from 0 to 30 dB in 1 dB increments using readable concentric knobs. The AV-60F can handle 2W Average Power and maintains a low VSWR.

  • 0 – 30 dB Attenuation Range with 1 dB Step Value
  • 2W Average Power
  • Low VSWR and Low Loss
  • High Reliability and Accuracy
  • SMA Connectors
  • RoHS compliant
  • Designed for wireless applications

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Frequency: DC to 2.7 GHz
Attenuation Range: 0 – 30 dB
Attenuation Steps: 1 dB
Power: 2W
VSWR: <1.3:1@0-1.0GHz
Connectors: SMA (f)
Weight: 0.7375 lbs (335g)


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