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Resistive Termination DC-18GHz 2W N-type(m) Indoor

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Microlab TA series terminations are low power coaxial loads, which operate from DC to up to 4 GHz depending on the model. Each has been designed with a resistive film terminating element, contained within a carefully matched coaxial housing.

Standard connectors are SMA, N, 4.3-10 and 7-16 DIN.

  • 2W Power Rating
  • DC-12.4GHz
  • Compact Size
  • RoHS compliant

Download Datasheet 

Frequency: DC – 18 GHz
Power: 2W

<1.17:1 max., 1.10:1 typ. for DC-4GHz

<1.34:1 max., 1.20:1 typ. for 4-6GHz

PIM: n/a
Connectors: N (m)
Ingress Protection: n/a
Weight: 1.350oz., (38.3g)


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