Microlab Small Cell Solutions

To enable the required coverage and capacity improvements for 5G, the number of small cells needs to be increased for network densification and upgraded to utilize 5G mid-band frequencies. Microlab is a trusted RF component and solution provider with whom you can partner to deliver multiple bands for maximum bandwidth and carrier aggregation in your small cell deployments. Microlab’s broad product portfolio includes multi-band combiners, filters, cables, and terminations. Products are available from stock within three to five days or through a wide distribution network.  Custom solutions can be designed to meet site-specific requirements and are often available within a few weeks. The comprehensive collection of solutions means you can find the products you need. They are readily available, streamlining procurement and speeding up small cell commissioning.

Microlab specializes in optimizing designs to achieve exceptional electrical performance in compact form factors. By partnering with Microlab for small cell products, our customers:

Shrink their deployment footprint with smaller form factor products resulting in 

  • Better design flexibility for aesthetically pleasing deployments
  • Improved heat dissipation for optimal performance
  • Less occupied space in enclosure gives more room for additional bands or carriers.
  • Lower weight requiring less mechanical support/reinforcement for installation.

Achieve improved coverage and capacity with:

  • An improved signal-to-noise ratio for higher-order 5G modulation schemes
  • Guaranteed low PIM performance in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Low loss components for larger cell sizes and reduced densification requirements

Complete faster small cell deployments with:

  • Reduced procurement time by using components pre-approved by major MNOs and Neutral Host network owners.
  • Nationwide stocking distribution partners for greater component availability
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing shrouded small cells for quicker local approvals.
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Ultra-wideband (617 MHz to 5925 MHz) products are available in all the following categories:

<a href=”/pub/media/wysiwyg/assets/microlab-5g-flyer.pdf” target=”_blank”>Learn more in the 5G Product Flyer</a>


CA-141e Hybrid Coupler Ultra wide-band to support UWB Small Cell and D-RAN applicationsCA-141e Hybrid Coupler Ultra wide-band to support UWB Small Cell and D-RAN applications

CC-610E 10dB Directional Coupler

The CC-6xxE series of Directional Couplers are designed to cover from 617 to 5925 MHz. Units couple off a defined fraction of signal with minimal reflections or loss. Availability in a wide range of coupling values makes this series useful in optimizing the power distribution required in 5G passive distributed antenna systems (DAS).

  • Ultra-wideband directional couplers for 5G FR1 signal distribution
  • 300 W Average Main Line Power
  • Minimal RF Insertion Loss & High Directivity
  • Guaranteed Low PIM
  • 4.3-10 Connectors
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS Complaint